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    just finished the single art for Jason Marion’s new song “Tapping” wanted to go with a warmer and wispy kinda look that didn’t diverge too much from the accompanying lyric video.…

  • Graphic Design


    Just finished the cover and promo art for Appleday. the forthcoming single from musical masterminds Jason Marion and Bradley Clark. although this is a departure from the artwork I did for…

  • Graphic Design


    putting in the final touches before this goes to print. your looking at the art for the new single Prodigal from Jason Marion. the new music represents new beginnings, a new…

  • Graphic Design

    WoS Promo Art

    The Mad scientist aka Jason Marion strikes again, this time he’s hitting the streets of San Francisco with some mean beats and some eye catching art. Okay so all fluff aside,…

  • Graphic Design

    Tree and City

    there’s a short history of revisions and ideas that branched out of this piece. Sometime back in 2007 I started on this thing.. and now in 2011 I am at a…